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Confidence coaching and transformational photography to see yourself in a new and better light.

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Time to focus on you

A confidence coaching and photoshoot package will help you to give yourself time and space to put yourself, your wellbeing and happiness first. You’ll learn how to embrace (and even love!) the skin you’re in and find a new lease of life and personal image that looks more ‘you’ than ever before. Book your empowering photoshoot experience in our preferred locations in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, or Surrey, or we can travel to you.

“I don’t think I really realised how much I needed your coaching until we did it… Now I feel like I have my mojo back! I feel so much more confident in myself now I’m approaching 4-0! I’m in the next phase of my life and I feel like I’ve grown as a person and Ginny has helped me gain so much clarity around that, that I physically feel comfortable in my own skin. Especially as a Mum, we are used to feeling guilty for looking after ourselves but I’ve got that back, so thank you!”


“I knew I had to have some serious surgery, and illness was taking its toll...feeling sexy again and recording my pre-surgery body was important to me on that journey to acceptance. Ginny’s approach to coaching helps you to better reflect on yourself, and her soft approach is nurturing and gentle. When I remember the day that I gifted to myself, and the pictures, I feel more beautiful. And sexy.”


Hi! I’m Ginny Marsh

I’m a certified body confidence & wellbeing coach and portrait photographer based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire (and also travel down to Farnham, Surrey, regularly) in the UK.

I help women feel good and love who they are so that they can confidently show up in their business and relationships, and live more joyfully.

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Divine Feminine Goddess Photoshoot at a waterfall in North Yorkshire

What an amazing week/month it’s been!! I recently did the most incredible Divine Feminine Goddess Photoshoot for the lovely Ella at a waterfall location near where I live in North Yorkshire 😍  This was to capture her beautiful feminine essence and the empowering journey of self-discovery she’s been on, as well as celebrate the incredible…

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International Retreat Photographer & Body Confidence Workshops – Reset Retreat 2023

I’m now officially a worldwide retreat photographer! I had the pleasure of photographing and working at the Reset Retreat in Portugal with Mariya @ The Pillars of Health and guest coach Siebe Hannosset, who are Intermittent Living coaches. This has been part of my plan to work at and capture the magic of more retreats,…

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How you can be more accepting of yourself…

Do you ever feel “not enough” in different areas of your life? Self-acceptance is all about accepting ALL aspects of yourself – the positive and the negative. When we accept ourselves for who we are now, we embrace all aspects of ourselves unconditionally; we recognise our weaknesses but still feel satisfied with who we are.…

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Invest in yourself

You can feel the way you want to feel about yourself, and like the way you look. You can stop seeing the perceived flaws and finally learn to love yourself. To accept your body as it is right now. Yes, it’s really possible!

Book a free 30-minute consultation call with me to ask me any questions and find out more. There’s no pressure. No obligation and no hard sell, just a friendly chat to see if we’re a good fit!

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“Your coaching style is beautiful Ginny. You have empathy, warmth, connection, humour and the ability to hold space really well for your client. Your sensitivity to what your client is saying and feeling is beautifully communicated.”

Astrid Longhurst, Founder of The Institute for Body Confidence Coaching