Divine Feminine Goddess Photoshoot at a waterfall in North Yorkshire

8th May 2024

What an amazing week/month it’s been!! I recently did the most incredible Divine Feminine Goddess Photoshoot for the lovely Ella at a waterfall location near where I live in North Yorkshire 😍  This was to capture her beautiful feminine essence and the empowering journey of self-discovery she’s been on, as well as celebrate the incredible […]

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International Retreat Photographer & Body Confidence Workshops – Reset Retreat 2023

2nd May 2024

I’m now officially a worldwide retreat photographer! I had the pleasure of photographing and working at the Reset Retreat in Portugal with Mariya @ The Pillars of Health and guest coach Siebe Hannosset, who are Intermittent Living coaches. This has been part of my plan to work at and capture the magic of more retreats, […]

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How you can be more accepting of yourself…

4th December 2023

Do you ever feel “not enough” in different areas of your life? Self-acceptance is all about accepting ALL aspects of yourself – the positive and the negative. When we accept ourselves for who we are now, we embrace all aspects of ourselves unconditionally; we recognise our weaknesses but still feel satisfied with who we are. […]

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Empowering Coaching & Photoshoot Giveaway | Been There Charity Fundraiser

30th November 2023

Are you passionate about helping people? Perhaps you know someone or have suffered from body image/confidence issues yourself at some point in your life… Then why not join me in making a difference for people who are struggling with loving their own bodies, and help transform their lives for the better? I’m raising money in […]

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Jan’s photoshoot story – on Divorce, Breast Cancer, Toy Boys, Body Confidence & Feeling Empowered!

16th August 2023

When Jan first got in touch with me about booking a photoshoot, I immediately knew I wanted to hear more about her life, and couldn’t wait to create some gorgeous portraits as part of her empowering journey. Jan told me she was turning 60 this year and 6 years after divorce and a couple of […]

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