Jo & Andy’s Colourful Wedding at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire

29th January 2019

The happy couple… Jo & Andy I had the pleasure of photographing Jo and Andy’s very colourful wedding at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire. Here’s the story of how they met… (I love a good story!) Jo and Andy met in 2010 during a rock climbing weekend to the Peak District with an […]

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Self Love Series: How to improve your self-esteem

23rd January 2019

It was the International Day of Acceptance on 20th January 2019, which fits perfectly with my new blog about how to improve your Self-Esteem! Many of us have low self-esteem or body image, which is different from body confidence. Self-esteem is how you think and feel about yourself, whereas Self-confidence is how you act when […]

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Confidence boosting Gorgeous you photoshoot for Seema… a surprise birthday gift from her husband

8th January 2019

About Seema Seema was very lucky to be surprised by her husband with the gift of a Gorgeous You photoshoot and Wardrobe Styling session! I know Seema and her husband Kunal from the Farnham Business Hub so it was really nice to be able to help them. Kunal saw some of my photography work and […]

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Self love series: How to be more body confident in 3 steps

2nd January 2019

How do you feel about your appearance? I think most of us would love to be more body confident! But what actually is body confidence? Body confidence is different from Self-Esteem or Self Worth. Having a positive body image/body confidence, means we have the ability to separate how we feel about ourselves, and our appearance. People […]

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Chloe and James’ Elegant Autumn Frensham Heights Wedding

21st December 2018

The happy couple! Chloe and James met at Exeter University. James did Maths, Chloe did English. Their eyes met across a drunken dancefloor at Timepiece nightclub “top top” floor and that was it! James and Chloe had already been to Hatton Garden to choose sapphires (Chloe wanted a Kate Middleton ring!) so they both knew it […]

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