6th February 2019

How we start planning your Boudoir shoot…

Boudoir Photography Surrey | Ginny Marsh

Are you thinking of doing a Boudoir Shoot but just don’t know where to begin?!

Here’s how we help you start planning your boudoir shoot, once you book in with us…

Maybe you’re a bit nervous because you don’t know what to expect?

Don’t worry, lovely lady, I’ve got you! We all have to put ourselves out of our comfort zones to start with… and when you get there, you usually don’t know what you were worried about! I’d love to invite you to come and meet me at my studio to see how friendly we are, and to start planning your Boudoir shoot!

If you book a shoot with me it’s really important for us to get to know each other (by the end we’ll feel like old friends!). You’re putting your trust in me and allowing me to capture you in a vulnerable (but as an empowered woman!) kinda way so that you can look and feel like your best self.

I’ll get you to relax in front of my camera (yes I know, most people hate having their photo taken!) so you get the images you’ve always dreamed of; whether it’s some gorgeous natural portraits for an album, a website or some arty images for the wall that only you knows it’s you.

Boudoir Photography Surrey | Ginny Marsh Boudoir Photography Surrey | Ginny Marsh

Here’s what we’ll chat about and find the answers to:

• What do you have in mind?
• WHY are you doing a photoshoot? What made you want to do this?
• How many people are coming to your shoot (is it just you or do you want to make the most of looking amazing and add your kids in at the end for some family pics)?
• Who are you doing this shoot for?
• What style of shoot do you have in mind, if any (e.g. Pin Up style / Celebratory Portraits / Casual / Glamorous)
• Where do you want to be photographed (studio, at home or at a hotel)?
• What do you hope to have at the end of it?
• What do you really (or secretly) hope it’ll do for you?
• Body shape/ size and if you have any areas you’d love to focus on or hide?
• Hair colour and outfit colours (Do you need help with styling and choosing clothes?)
• Are there any images, in particular, you’ve seen that you’d LOVE to have yourself?
• Prices, products and package options
• How to create a mood board on Pinterest to start planning your Boudoir shoot (beware, Pinterest can be addictive!)
• How to prepare for your shoot (I’ll email you a pre-shoot checklist)

Boudoir photographer surrey | Ginny Marsh

Let me tell you how the Boudoir shoot process works…

1. We have a consultation to plan your dream shoot. When you come to my studio I will show you all of my beautiful products, boxes and wall portraits. I’ll also find out more about you and what you want from the shoot, and give you a good start in planning your outfits etc.
2. Once you give me the go-ahead I’ll send a booking link your way. You’ll just need to approve your chosen photography package, sign the contract and pay the booking fee.
3. We catch up before your shoot to make sure you know what outfits you’re bringing and finish planning your boudoir shoot.
4. Shoot day! You come to the studio or the agreed location of choice. You’ll get pampered by our hair & makeup artist who will make you look and feel amazing. I’ll tell you exactly how to pose to really flatter you.
5. We book you in to come back to the studio a week or two after your shoot to view your stunning images
6. Behind the scenes, I carefully select and edit around 20-30 of your best images to show you.
7. You choose your favourites and plan what to do with them. You only buy what you love ???? I do not hard sell. My job is to create beautiful photographs so you want all of them but ultimately it’s completely up to you. I’m here to help you make the most out of them.

planning your boudoir shoot

Are you ready? Pucker those lips, Lady, you’re in for a treat!

Just click below to fill out my lovely contact form, and I’ll be in touch to book you in 🙂

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Thanks for reading my blog. I really hope to hear from you soon 🙂


Ginny x

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