29th June 2017

How to find your “Good Side” and How to be more Camera Confident!

How to find your Good Side and be more Camera Confident for Photographs: 

More than ever before, taking a good picture is of the utmost importance. So I thought I would compile some of my advice on how to find your good side in photographs. And obviously take amazingly gorgeous photos!

Why do we need to know our Good Side?

We have all had the moment whether at a Wedding or just out with friends, when taking group pictures. Where it’s more than likely that you’ve been forced to switch places with your friends because “that’s not their good side” or they “look better on the left.”

My friend kept telling me how it was constantly happening to her, but she never really understood what it was all about, or what “your good side” actually was. She told me that she always thought she’d be fine standing on the left or the right. She came to me for advice which was when I had the idea for this blog!

I’d stare at each side of my face in the mirror (and, of course, take numerous selfies) to check my advice worked first 🙂  Then I sent her it over.


Regardless of how similar both sides seem to be, nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face. One eye is always a bit smaller or a cheek a bit thinner. In most people the differences are barely noticeable, so why do we care about our “good” side anyway?

The science behind it…

Besides wanting (excuse the pun) to put your best face forward, researchers and scientists believe that facial characteristics can reveal personality traits to observers. A study published discovered that humans make lasting judgements about a person’s character after being exposed to a face for only 100 milliseconds.


My 5 Key Tips on How To Be More Confident in front of the Camera:

1. Practice in front of the mirror…

The biggest tip in preparing for your ultimate selfie or profile picture is to practice a lot in front of the mirror! That’s what I did! I suggest spending some time getting to know your face in front of the mirror. And don’t forget to practice different smiles.

2. Explore your face and your emotions…

You need to look at your whole face, showing every emotion, and find out your good angles that you want to show. Another tip I like to stress to my clients is that the best pictures come when you don’t force it or think about it too much. All that practicing will “train” your brain so that the right angles come naturally. Just remember when you look at yourself in the mirror it’s the opposite side of what the camera sees!

3. What to wear and why…

Feel good in what you’re wearing – firstly, how do you want to come across? Casual and laid back, smart-casual, smart and business like, or dressy? Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable and look good in. Then think about wearing similar colours that go together, and accessories to go with it. Anything tailored, clean and wrinkle free is a great start! But make sure you wear an outfit that conceals sweat stains just in case!


4. Tilt your chin down

also tell my clients that when the camera is lower than your face, bring your face down a bit so the camera doesn’t look up your nostrils. To make the best of this, I say to keep your chin down and tilt your head slightly to the right. Don’t go full profile (side on) or anything because it will make your nose stand out – just about three-quarters to the side. HOWEVER, you don’t want a double chin! So when tilting your chin down, make sure you have a nice long neck to stop those multiple chins! One big no-no: Pouting. Don’t do it! Please!

5. To Pout or not to Pout..

Another great tip I learnt is: Keep your upper and lower teeth about a half-inch apart but don’t separate your lips. You will get a natural ‘suck in’ in your cheeks and a bit of a pout and NOT a duck-face situation!”As for your eyes, while the photographer is getting ready to take the shot, close your eyes and scrunch your face for two to three seconds. Then open, relax and smile ever so slightly flirty but not too big. “Smize” as Tyra Banks would say – smile with your eyes! Practice all of this in the mirror.

But remember: Don’t be deterred when the photographer, or your friend, shouts to ‘SMILE!’ Just do your thing.

The Selfie Master:

Now for some advice on taking the ultimate selfie, Two of my key techniques:

  • The Bend and Snap: Looking down will get rid of big wrinkles on your forehead, or leaning in slightly before snapping your selfie will soften any sign of wrinkles due to better light.
  • The “Carfie”: Front seats of cars make for the best selfies (aka, the carfie). With bright streaming light from all sides, it’s like a mini studio! Angle the camera slightly below your face to take advantage of all of that surrounding light.

And Finally..

Be yourself!

The truth is being yourself is one of the magical keys to being confident and engaging in front of the camera.

Being natural requires you to practice until it feels like the camera isn’t there, while maintaining an awareness of where the camera is so you can engage with it and reach the eyes of your viewers. You need to quiet that nagging voice of self-doubt and listen to the voice of encouragement. If you don’t love yourself up and tell yourself you CAN, no one will. Being on camera is not significant—it’s just one place to document who you really are.

Practice, practice, practice!!!

Thanks so much for reading my blog. I hope it helped you to see that having a photoshoot with me can be fun, empowering and really rewarding.

To book a shoot, please Contact Me and we can get you booked in. I’d love to hear from you.

Love Ginny x

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